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IC Information:
Name: Damian Wayne
Fandom: DC Comics
Timeline: Batman and Robin 13
Age: 10/11
Appearance: Damian is a prepubescent child of Arabic and Caucasian decent with shortish, messy black hair and blue eyes. He’s on the shorter side of five feet, but he also hasn’t hit puberty yet so that really isn’t saying much. The boy is pretty lean for someone his age, but that’s from a young lifetime of training and working out to keep his body as finely tuned a weapon as anything else in his arsenal.

The Robin costume that Damian wears is different than its previous incarnations. Though it has pants like Tim’s, and a tunic like Dick’s and Jason’s, that’s where the similarities end. Damian wears a red, sleeveless tunic that has a black patch with a yellow R on the chest over a black body suit that covers his entire body, short of his head, hands, and feet. Over that is a yellow cape with a black hood. The costume is topped off with green gloves and green boots with red laces, and of course the utility belt. Finally, he wears a green domino mask that covers a large portion of his face.

However, Damian can’t wear his costume forever, and can normally be found in variety of clothing children his age would never wear, such as sweater vests, suits, and khakis. Though spending all this time in Gotham has gotten him to slowly wear more age-appropriate clothing, being partial to converses and hoodies.

Abilities: Though Damian has no superhuman abilities, he’s hardly normal.
- As he was raised by assassins, he knows innumerable ways to maim, scar, and otherwise hurt someone, either hand-to-hand or with pretty much any weapon you can name.
- Another side effect of being raised by assassins, he’s trained in the ways of stealth
- Is able to mimic voices well enough to throw off voice-activated sensors.
- Capable of building a flying Batmobile, a new lens for the cowls, and had the business know-how to run a board Meeting at Wayne Enterprises

Finally, though he was being trained in detective work by Dick Grayson, he’s terrible at it (though he does have the occasional epiphany).
Personality: Damian, thanks to (presumably) being related to three of the craziest motherfuckers on the planet and being raised by the League of Assassins, has next to no interpersonal skills to speak of. His entire life has revolved around training, being the best, and becoming a successor to one (or both) of his parent’s legacies. His world has been so narrow in his young lifetime (metaphorically, as Damian has travelled the world over) that he cannot fathom anything that may lurk beyond his comfort zone.

And there is quite a lot outside of his comfort zone. This includes, but is not limited to: females that aren’t his mother, children his own age, people that lead normal lives, adults that aren’t his mother or his father (…or Dick), anything out of Tim Drake’s mouth (and Tim Drake himself)… pretty much anything not his mother, his father, Dick, or assassin stuff. The farther from his comfort zone, the more defensive he’ll be in response to it. This is because Damian feels the need to keep up appearances (though who he’s trying to endear himself to, no one knows), and if he doesn’t know what to do with something, he’ll try to make it go away by whatever means necessary. The idea of trying to relate to another human being is so completely foreign to him, you might as well attempt to ask him to breathe on the moon.

That isn’t to say he’s an unchanging asshole. Since his first appearance, Damian’s gotten better thanks to living with Alfred and Dick, neither of whom are willing to put up with his unwanted behavior, but he still has a long way to go. He’s quick to react to situations with either violence or logic, one of the few things he’s comfortable with, and if violence or logic isn’t the solution, he stumbles and will try to make it go away.

He also has a humongous ego, no doubt fed by the league and his mother, as it seems a requirement for all Al Ghul’s to have one (although Damian’s is arguably the largest). He truly believes that he is the best at everything he does, and cannot fathom that there may be (and are) people that are better than him (with the exception being his parents and subconsciously Dick). He doesn’t realize that he’s not nearly as smart as he thinks he is (his detective skills are terrible, to say the least), or as clever.

Since arriving at Gotham, Damian’s encountered this strange phenomenon that is actually hurting his psychologically development rather than helping it. When living with the League of Assassins, he was constantly made to feel superior to everyone around him. So, now Damian believes he really is better than everyone around him. However, not one person in Gotham City sees him in this light, and in fact looks down upon him for having this attitude. While I’ll be the first to admit this sort of attitude isn’t healthy, he is constantly being beaten down by other heroes and members of his own crime fighting family for feeling the way he does, and is either mocked or not being taken seriously. With the exception of Dick and Batgirl (Stephanie Brown), no one is trying to help him see the error in his ways and help him help himself. This forces Damian to be even more insufferable to those who mock him, because if they don’t see that he’s better than them, clearly he has to show them—creating a vicious cycle.

This leads to the next point… he’s a brat. Originally, Damian expected to get his way at all times, but since leaving the League of Assassins, where he received everything he wanted on a silver platter and then some, and living in Gotham with Dick and Alfred, where he received only things that were reasonable after saying please (hopefully), he’s toned it down a bit. Dick and Alfred, the saint’s they might be, haven’t stamped all of the brattiness out of Damian, however, and he still is prone to the occasional temper tantrum or selfish outburst.

And finally, no matter how tough he may act, no matter how important he may think he is, he’s still a kid and has a lot of growing up to do.
History: Damian Wayne is hardly a normal prepubescent boy. The son of Bruce Wayne and Talia Al Ghul, and the grandson of Ra’s Al Ghul was incubated in an artificial womb in order to ensure genetic perfection, and as soon as he could walk began training with his mother’s League of Assassins. This included learning martial arts, weaponry, chemistry, tactics… the works. Anything that could help you kill a man, he not only learned, he excelled in.

After being formally introduced to her at age 8, Talia began to teach Damian the ins and outs of the vast Al Ghul Empire, so he could one day take over the family business. Somewhere after that time she also began to tell Damian stories of his father, the great Batman of Gotham City. The stories at first were absurd to young Damian (I mean really, who dresses like a bat?), but the more he learned of his father’s great accomplishments in the board room as Bruce Wayne and the crime fighting world as Batman, the more invested in the stories he became, and the more he wanted to meet this amazing, godlike figure.

He would get his chance a little while later, when Talia formally introduced Bruce to Damian. Bruce, who had no idea he had a son, reluctantly took the boy back to Gotham in an attempt to get to know him. This would prove to be more of a test of his patience more than anything, as in the short time he was there, Damian nearly killed his adopted son Tim Drake, knocked out his butler/father figure Alfred Pennyworth, defiled Jason Todd’s memorial case and wore Jason’s tunic, and decapitated a C-list villain called the Spook. Needless to say, Bruce was pissed.

Damian got a chance at redemption by leading his father back to his mother, but that would be where their time together would end. Talia, unable to accept that Damian would want to live with both parents, detonated a bomb near her person, forcing Damian to valiantly push her out of harms way. She escaped the blast unharmed—Damian needed a full organ transplant. Believing Damian to be dead, Bruce returned to Gotham.

They would meet again a short time later when Ra’s Al Ghul returned from beyond the grave. Ra’s sought out Damian’s body to be used as a receptacle for his soul, as his own body was too old and decrepit to support him any longer. Damian, like anyone, found this unacceptable, and escaped to Gotham to enlist the help of his father. Unfortunately for him, all he found was Tim Drake, still pissed off from their first encounter.

Damian, for once in his life, tried to stop the fight and explain his purpose, but Tim didn’t believe him. He managed to temporarily incapacitate the Robin and escape into the mansion, where he found Alfred and attempted to get the butler to help him find his father. But as Damian would have the worst luck in the history of ever, Alfred tripped just as Tim Drake caught up with the pair, and mistook Damian’s attempt to help Alfred as an attack.

This time Damian wouldn’t hold back, and the two went at it until a bigger threat arrived. Ra’s had seemingly sent the entirety of the League of Assassins after them. Though Tim and Damian (and Dick Grayson, who had shown up at some point during the fight) did their best, they were simply outnumbered, and Damian and Tim were kidnapped and brought back to Ra’s.

Bruce didn’t take this too well, and tried to bargain for the boys’ return. He led Ra’s to a sacred temple in Tibet called Nanba Parbat, where Ra’s wound up being reborn into the body of his much older than Damian son, Dusan, and he and his league attacked the bat family. In the scuffle, Damian was seriously injured, and Talia retreated with her son to seek treatment.

By the time Damian got to Gotham again, his father had seemingly passed away fighting Darkseid. Though the person he wanted to see the most was gone, he stayed at his ancestral home anyway, most likely driving Alfred, Tim, and Dick crazy in the process.

With Batman gone, Gotham was going nuts as everyone sought to claim the power that had once belonged to the bat. One crazy in particular, the former robin Jason Todd, decided he would become the next Batman. However, his version of “being batman” involved killing, breaking Batman’s biggest rule. The first time Dick confronted him, Damian helped out, but for his troubles he was shot by Jason.

However, Damian doesn’t let a little thing like bullets stop him from protecting his father’s legacy, and it wasn’t long before he was teamed up with British crime fighter Squire to track down Tim (who had run off to try to be Batman himself) and save him after he was also attacked by Jason. Dick eventually takes the cowl of Batman up for himself, and chooses Damian to be his newest Robin, as he views Tim too much as an equal (and Damian really needs to be kept on a tight leash).

At first their partnership was tumultuous at best. Dick thought he needed to keep Damian in check, Damian thought Dick was condescending and beneath him. Their teamwork could only be called a hot mess. Damian was too busy trying to one-up Dick, and Dick was too busy keeping an eye on Damian for either to do their jobs properly. This eventually led Damian to run off on his own to pursue a villain (Professor Pyg), where he was promptly caught and learned his first lesson in being a hero.

A girl named Sasha had been caught by Pyg and nearly turned into one of his mindless Dollotron puppets. Though the horrific mask remained on her face, she kept her free will. Damian tried to rescue the girl, but couldn’t. He was then saved in turn by Dick, and got another lesson, this time in humility.

The two started to figure out how this whole “working together thing” worked, and by the time Jason Todd started trouble again, they were a practically a different duo. Unfortunately, Jason had enlisted the help of Sasha, now going by Scarlet, and both Jason and Scarlet used the duo’s guilt against them, capturing them and attempting to expose their identity to the world via webcam. The two managed to escape, but not before a new foe, Flamingo, showed up and put six slugs into Damian’s spine before Dick could defeat him.

Damian temporarily found himself in his mother’s care once more, as she had the finest medical staff in the world. Her team completely replaced Damian’s spine, though her motives were hardly pure. Oblivious to this, Damian returned to Gotham… just in time to nearly be killed by what could best be described as a zombie version of his father. As this fake loudly proclaimed that Damian was a psycho and wasn’t really his son (somewhere along the lines Bruce had ninjaed a paternity test), Damian tried to set him on fire. Because let’s be honest, who wants to hear that their own father, a man he would want nothing more than to please, hates them? Damian did his best, but because he was still healing, nearly got thrown off Wayne tower where he was saved by the man who created the zombie in the first place—Dick.

Dick defeats the zombie and everyone discovers that Bruce must be alive, as that thing Dick defeats clearly wasn’t Bruce, and that was the creature in his grave. Skeptical, Damian goes along for the most ridiculously obscure scavenger hunt known to man… Until Talia uses the implants her doctors put into action, effectively taking over Damian’s body. She gives the controls over to Slade, a man with a serious grudge against Dick, and tries to use her son to kill the only man who has given a shit to Damian his entire young life. This is mother of the year right here, folks.

Dick short-circuits the implants, and off they go to his mother’s secret base, because neither is letting that kind of crap fly. Talia asks to see her son alone, and asks him to stop playing Robin and come back home where he belongs. For the first time in his life, Damian speaks completely honestly without snark or hubris, and tells her “being Robin is the best thing I’ve ever done, mother. And even if my father does return, this is the life I’ve chosen to lead. I don’t need you to save me.” How does Talia respond? By showing Damian a cloned fetus of himself that she plans on raising “better the second time.” Damian asks if she can just love him for him, to which Talia promptly tells him no and disowns him from the house of Al Ghul. Like I said, best mother ever.

The duo returns to Gotham where they discover the guy they’ve sort of been working with is actually the Joker in disguise. Whoops! They arrest him, and someone makes the stupid mistake of leaving Damian alone with the Joker. Damian pulls a crow bar from underneath his cape (one for symbolism, that’s what the Joker used to kill Jason Todd), and began to beat him senseless with it. He was mid-swing when he was transported to the facility, sadly sans crowbar.
Roleplay Sample - Log: There was something about the feel of a crowbar. The weight, the feel of its cold metal (even through gloves)… Then there was the satisfying feel of karma. Or rather, there would be, if Damian believed in such a thing.

Why would it be karma, you ask? That would be because the man opposite him once beat someone to death with a crowbar. Not just anyone--a Robin. Granted, that particular Robin was the since revived-by-unknown-means-and-turned-psycho Todd, but that wasn’t the point. The point was that someone who had once worn the Robin tunic (someone who would be getting his own comeuppance the next time Damian saw him) died by a crowbar, and so it was fitting that the one currently wearing the Robin tunic return the favor.

The cops stupid enough to let him in were banging at the door. How those fools had any inclination something was up was beyond him, but it was no matter. In that moment, there was only him, the crowbar, and the Joker.

He swung the crowbar, but the Joker was gone, replaced by overwhelming white.

Roleplay Sample - Journal:
[An annoyed boy around 10 or 11 holds the ‘berry at arms length from his face. He has messy black hair partially covered by a hood over his head, and is wearing a green domino mask that covers his eyes. From the angle in which he’s holding the communicator, everyone can see the upper portion of his Robin costume, complete with its signature “R.”]

All right, Batman, this isn’t funny. I knew you wouldn’t agree with my plan to deal with the Joker, why do you think I waited for you to leave? I was merely trying to protect you from liability; you should be pleased with that. You and I both know he’s too dangerous to be allowed to walk the streets of Gotham.

Besides, it’s not like I was going to kill him. I’m not a monster.

[The stark whiteness of the walls temporarily distracts him from his rant.]

Where did you send me? Did you enlist Zatanna to bring me to this… prison? Or was it Raven? Regardless of your accomplice, I demand that you end this foolishness and bring me back right now. This is too much, even for you.

[Damian’s eyes narrow.]

You win, all right? I’ve learned my lesson and I demand you bring me back.

I’d give you the crowbar back, but your crony that brought me here seems to have taken it from me.

[Damian believes this to be a personal phone to call Dick and apologize for the whole beating the Joker thing, or else this would be crazy locked. Whoops.]

This game includes horrible mental and physical torture of your character. After reading the rules/faq for clarification, how do you expect your character to handle this and continue to function? Damian was raised by assassins, so his sense of normal is way off. He seems to cope better to negative things happening to him than positive, but it will be interesting to see what it does take for him to break, or rather to admit that the experiments are taking a toll on him.

Questions? Comments? Crazed and creative statements? Those go here. Thank you for reading my rambling!