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Player Info
Player Name: Kaitie
Player LJ: [profile] red_confession
Player Instant Messenger Type and Handle: RedConfession (AIM & Plurk)
Player Email: kaitiekudara@yahoo.com
Are you 18 years of age or older? Yes

Character Info
Character Name: Seven (real name never revealed)
Character’s Age: 45
Fandom: 999: 9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors
Timeline: True Ending, right before Junpei opens the door.
Appearance: The worst fashion sense ever.

Seven is not an attractive man. One glance at him will say as much. He’s a giant hulk of a man, was clearly beaten with the ugly stick at birth, and has a ton of facial scars, apparently the result of a fight with organized crime. Really, nothing about his facial features make you want to look at him, but his girth prevents you from really looking anywhere else.

But where do you look? His clothes aren’t much better. On his head is a blue beanie with an apple logo on it. He’s wearing a white t-shirt—not that you can really see it because his dark gray windbreaker is zipped almost all the way to his neck; over that is a pair of garishly bright orange overalls. On his left wrist is a red wristwatch-looking object with the number “7” on the display. The whole thing is topped off with black loafers. Staring at the outfit for too long might cause your eyes to bleed. But remember, he’s so large you really can’t look away.

So really, you’re just screwed.

History: Once upon a time, 14 children went missing from their homes. Well, to be precise, 16 children went missing from their homes, but two were orphaned siblings and therefore had no one to file a missing persons report. As a police officer, it was Seven’s job to try to find them. Leads went nowhere, but the officer was relentless. Eventually he discovered that all the children had one thing in common—they were all connected to Cradle Pharmaceuticals. A source from inside Cradle Pharmaceuticals sent him to a wharf, where he discovered men lugging human-shaped bags onto a boat. Before he could arrest them, however, he was caught by an unknown man and injected with a sedative.

When Seven awoke, he was in a prison cell. He tried to bust open the door, but it failed. Eventually he gave up and just sat on the bed, staring ahead at the wall. Just when he had given up hope, he heard voices. Children’s voices, to be precise. Quickly flipping over the bed, he discovered a grate where the voices were originating. He pried the grate free and shimmied his large body through the shaft; winding up in what he later learned was an incinerator. There, staring at him wide-eyed, were nine children. Seven immediately recognized 7 of them—they were the missing children. After promising to save them, he turned around and shimmied back to his cell, where he tore the sheets of the bed into a makeshift rope.

Returning to the incinerator, he learned that nine children had somehow become four. As he saved the ones that remained—Light, Nona, Aoi, and Akane—he learned about the Nonary game, the numbered bracelets the children wore, and that only five children could go through the door marked [9] based on their digital root. The five escaped through the duct to just outside the incinerator, and were running towards freedom when their luck ran out.

Akane had gone missing.

Nona ran to catch up to the other children, but Aoi (Akane’s brother), Light, and Seven quickly returned to the hall they had left, only to see the CEO of Cradle Pharmaceuticals, Gentarou Hongou, toss the girl back into the incinerator room before any of them could do anything. Try as they liked, there was no way for her to save her. 18 minutes passed, and the incinerator turned on. Seven tried to prevent the children from seeing the grisly sight (well, as Light was blind it was mainly Aoi), but Aoi would not be stopped.

The case haunted him.

Nine years later, Seven was contacted by Aoi with a way to save his sister. He jumped at the chance, offering to help however he can. It was right around that time he started getting massive headaches, each time his memory of the event nine years ago changing a little bit more. Unbeknownst to him, they were caused by the timelines changing, but he didn’t know that.

He arrived as per Aoi’s instructions at the replica of the cruise ship Gigantic, known as Building Q, in the Nevada desert and took place in a mock version of what occurred in the first Nonary game. To help Aoi and Akane accomplish their goals (and to protect himself from potentially dangerous enemies), Seven faked amnesia. By faking it, Gentarou would assume he couldn’t recognize him and would leave him alone and Light couldn’t ask him any (he wasn’t aware Aoi had already warned him not to bring it up).

Once the group was assembled, the mysterious host of the evening’s, Zero’s (really Akane, with voiceover provided by Aoi) voice came over the loudspeaker, informing the group of the rules of the Nonary game, as well as how to get out. Light, who had received Braille instructions, read aloud the additional instructions he had received. The group stood divided on whether or not to follow Zero’s rules, but when they realized there was no other way out, they reluctantly agreed.

When the topic of names came up, he immediately put a stop to it. Light and Clover were there, and so was Gentarou Hongou, and if any of them learned the truth of who Akane and Aoi were (and even himself), it might have ruined Aoi and Akane’s plans. He therefore suggested they refer to one another by codenames, and as he received the numbered bracelet Seven, and thus chose that for his codename.

The other 9 people he was with were as followed:

[1] – Ace – Gentarou Hongou (CEO of Cradle Pharmaceuticals)
[2] – Snake – Light (the boy whom he rescued)
[3] – Santa – Aoi Kurashiki (the other boy whom he rescued; the helper)
[4] – Clover (sister of Light)
[5] – Junpei (Akane’s Best friend)
[6] – June – Akane Kurashiki (the girl he failed to save; the mastermind)
[8] – Lotus – Ms. Kashiwabara (the mother of Nona)
[9] – The 9th Man - Teruaki Kubota (Scientist who invented most of the hardware for the first Nonary game; worked at Cradle Pharmaceuticals)

But the 9th man wasn’t going to play the game. He had been tricked by Ace to go through the number 5 door alone, and had kidnapped Clover and threatened Ace to do it (1 + 9 + 4 = 5). The doors closed behind him, and 81 seconds later he was dead, due to a bomb exploding in his stomach. Junpei, Seven, and Snake (5+7+2=5) re-opened door 5 and the group saw the grisly remains of Kubota.

They didn’t have time to be disgusted for long. There was a time limit to the Nonary game, and they had already wasted far too much time as it was. They broke up into two groups—Snake, Clover, Seven, and Ace (2+4+7+1 = 5) in one group, Lotus, Santa, June, and Junpei (8+3+6+5=4) in the other. Once through door 5, the group found themselves in a first class cabin where they had to solve a musical puzzle to get the door open. Then, they found themselves in a casino where he had a quick drink, then played baccarat puzzle to bring them out into the hallway. There, they used the key they discovered in the casino to gain access to the stairs and travel down to the deck below, where they found a hall full of hospital rooms, and one giant room full of hospital beds. In that giant room were three doors, marked [3], [7], and [8].

However, there was a small problem. There was a piece missing from all three doors that prevented them from going farther. The four split up and tried to find them, but to no avail. They returned to the giant room to find the other group had made it there as well. Seven, realizing that Santa had disabled the doors for a reason, suggested that the group split up and search the 48 hospital rooms in the large hallway. Once the others had left, Santa, Seven, and June stayed behind, and Santa asked a favor from the larger man. They wanted to take Snake out of the game temporarily, and needed him to move Snake to a coffin in the chapel, located where the two doors with the number [9] were located. Seven agreed, and while Santa fixed the doors, June filled the room Snake was searching with knockout gas, and Seven moved him temporarily to a different location. There, June took his clothes and re-dressed him in black robes, and left to do something. Seven didn’t ask what. He quickly went back to the large hallway and pretended to search his rooms until it was time to go back to the large hospital room.

When the seven remaining people regrouped, they discovered that Snake was missing and split up to search for him again. During this time Seven quickly moved Snake to the coffin in the chapel and made a hasty trip back. Unfortunately, they couldn’t waste anymore time looking for him, and fought over how to divide the players into the three doors. Ace drugged himself to take him (and his number) out of the equation, and so the six remaining players broke up into two groups—Seven, Clover, and Junpei (7+4+5=7) through door [7], and Lotus, June, and Santa (8+6+3 =8) through door [8].

The first room Seven’s group discovered was an operating room. One of the puzzles involved chemicals, and Seven saw that as a good opportunity to hint at Junpei the existence of the morphogenetic field. As he explained, he learned that June had already told him a similar story. He also learned she had told him about the ice that doesn’t melt at room temperature, called Ice-9. Seven jumped on it, feigning to remember something through his amnesia and explained to him all about the Titanic mummy Alice (who apparently doesn’t melt at room temperature), and about the man that supposedly bought both her and the Titanic replica, the Gigantic—Lord Gordain.

They met up again with Clover and quickly finished the puzzle to unlock the door. Seven waited patiently while Junpei consoled Clover, and once the two were ready they went into the hallway, where they ran into the group that had gone through door 8. Together, they found themselves back in the large hospital room.

Once there, they showed one another the various keys and key cards they had discovered through their travels, and pooled them together. They had just decided to head back to where they could use one of the keys when Clover requested to go through door 3. Seven, for the life of him, could not figure out why she would want to go through the door, but when Clover reminded them all her brother was missing. Although he knew he was safe, there was no way he could tell her that, and agreed to go through door 3 with Ace and Clover (7+1+4=3).

The group found themselves in a shower room filled with a disgusting smell. When Ace flipped on the lights, they discovered the source of the smell—there, in pieces on the floor, was someone’s exploded remains. Seven’s policeman instincts kicked in, and examined the body. The bomb, which had been inside the body, made IDing him all but impossible, but he could make out the clothes the other man had worn. Snake’s. Seven realized that this must be why the siblings wanted Snake out of the game, as well as why they had taken his clothes. Though, for the life of him had no idea who the man truly was.

Poor Clover was inconsolable, but there was nothing Seven could do to make her feel better. He had made a promise to Santa and June, and if he told Clover that her brother was really alive, it would lead to questions he just couldn’t answer. Not only that, he was beginning to have his suspicions as to who had killed the unknown man and tipping his hand might prove deadly. So he kept his mouth shut, and Ace and Seven quickly solved the puzzles to get them out of the shower room, and Seven used the broom and screwdriver he had discovered there to keep the doors open so the others could see for themselves.

Only when the three emerged, the others had vanished. They weren’t alone for long, and learned the others had left to see what was behind the doors that had been locked with the keys they had found. Now there were three doors to choose from—1,2, and 6. They voted by ballot and split once more into two groups. Junpei, Clover, and Ace went through door 1 (5+4+1=1) and Seven went with Santa, June, and Lotus through door 6 (7+3+6+8=6).

The group found themselves in the engine room, where they moved coal to solve the exit puzzle. They then found themselves in a cargo room, where Lotus solved a puzzle that led them to the final key—and a loaded gun. They took the key and agreed to leave the gun where it lay. They then used the key to discover—the room with the number 9 door. Or doors, as there were actually two. Quickly, they went to find the others.

Together, the seven of them returned to the room with two 9s. The group then began to debate how to split up between them up so they could all pass, and Seven offered to stay behind, as that would allow the others to go through. He was quickly, vetoed, however, and Santa offered a new solution. Pulling out the gun Seven thought they had left behind, he held his sister hostage. He then demanded that Lotus and Ace help him open the first of the 9 doors, and the four disappeared, leaving Seven, Clover, and Junpei arrived.

And it was at that moment Snake conveniently decided to awaken.

Determined to open the coffin, Seven watched as Junpei accessed the morphogenetic field for the first time, and found a special feature on his watch that gave him the code to open the safe. Out popped a somewhat groggy Snake. They quickly brought one another up to speed, and the four went to go through the second door 9 (7+5+4+2=9). But Junpei stopped them and instead wanted to test a theory. He asked Clover for the number 0 bracelet the pair had apparently found on another dead body while investigating the rooms beyond the number one door, and discovered that the true number of the bracelet wasn’t 0, but 6.

Seven thought that June’s cover had been blown, but Snake quickly made the mistake of believing her 6 was an upside down 9, so he didn’t correct him. He figured Santa would rather take the blame for this, anyway. With suspicions of Santa being Zero, they finally went through the second door 9.

The group found themselves in a library, and after solving a puzzle involving lights, they moved into a room that appeared to be a workshop of sorts. In the workshop they discovered a photograph of four men. Four men that Seven immediately recognized: Gentarou Hongou, Nagisa Nijisaki, Teruaki Kubota, and Kagechika Musahidou—the four masterminds of the first Nonary game. The fact that the picture was there felt like a clue from Santa and June that they wanted Junpei to know the truth.

There was no reason for him to continue the façade any longer. He stared at the picture and pretended that his memories came flooding back to him. Seven then recounted his past to the other three, and his involvement in the first Nonary game, stopping right before he revealed Akane’s fate. Junpei made him continue, and he finished the story, telling him about how she died. However, as he told the story, it didn’t feel right. He felt like she had survived. After all, she had been right there with them all night…

Their thoughts turned back to the three murdered men, who had all masterminded the first game. They figured that the final man in the picture, Nijisaki, was the one who was dressed in Snake’s clothing and killed. They then surmised that the only one to gain from the murders (and could successfully kill all three) had to be Ace, especially since the man had prosopagnosia (the inability to differentiate between faces) and Nijisaki was clearly not Snake.

Their musings abruptly ended when they realized the ship was about to sink, and they quickly rushed their way out, winding up in front of the incinerator room. There, they discovered yet another door marked 9, Santa keeled over on the floor, with June lying against a nearby wall. Ace was holding Lotus hostage, with the gun he had stolen from Santa pointed to her head. He tried to escape using his bracelet, Lotus’ bracelet, and the bracelet that belonged to the 9th man (1+8+9 = 9). Only the door didn’t open. In the confusion that followed, Seven tackled Ace and took him down. Once cornered, Ace confirmed that he killed the other three men. However, the group agreed that it was a trap arranged by Zero, one he easily fell for.

Their attentions turned to Santa, as Junpei implied he knew the truth. Seven did his best to bring Santa up to speed as cryptically as he could, telling him that his memories came back, they knew his real name, and that they had figured out he was Zero. Santa took the cue beautifully and came clean with (mostly) everything. Thankfully, he left Seven’s involvement (albeit minimal) out of it. However, the revelation triggered a massive headache in Seven, caused by the still changing timelines.

While Seven was brought to his knees from the pain, Santa held Ace hostage and the two exited the incinerator room. Before escaping, Santa turned on the incinerator, giving the group—consisting of Seven, Lotus, Junpei, Snake, and Clover—18 minutes to either figure a way out, or burn. There was no way all of them could get out of a number 9 door.

Snake reminded the group that they couldn’t leave with a digital root of 9, or else Ace would have escaped ages ago. While they debated what to do, a final puzzle appeared from the floor, and Junpei once again communicated through the transmorphic field with Akane from nine years ago, not only saving her, but learning how to save them as well. The 9 wasn’t a 9 at all, but really a q. Q in hexadecimal was 26, which was the combination of all of their bracelets (7+2+4+5+8=26). They quickly exited the incinerator, and took off up the stairs to freedom.

They were all catching their breaths at the top of the stairs when suddenly Seven found himself at Bell Pointe.

Personality: Just by looking at Seven and listening to him speak, you wouldn’t think he’s a smart guy. However, Seven actually possesses average intelligence—he’s not a brain, but he’s not completely stupid, either. After all, in order to be a police detective, he would have to be relatively intelligent to get the position in the first place. The exception to this is anything involving the Nonary game. On anything relating to this subject (Cradle Pharmaceuticals, The Titanic, Morphogenetic fields, etc.), he’s practically a Rhode scholar. He’s shown several times spouting encyclopedic knowledge of subjects relating to the game.

No one will ever call Seven a leader. He’d much rather sit back and help out wherever he can, while others take charge. That being said, once he gets it in his mind to do something, he will not stop until he’s accomplished his goal. It was Seven’s tenacity that allowed him to break the case involving the missing children when all other leads failed, and he will certainly be bringing this with him.

Despite being a police officer, Seven clearly isn’t above doing something above the law to see that justice gets done. He has his own moral code that he abides too, one which puts the lives of the innocent above all else. In order to protect the innocent, he will do whatever it takes. That being said, he probably wouldn’t be able to directly bring about another’s death unless involved in combat (or a shootout), and the act was in self defense. Although Seven certainly has no qualms with aiding Santa and June, he would be unable to plant the bombs inside those responsible for the Nonary game, or even send Ace to kill the third man with an Axe.

Seven also has a soft spot for children. Whether it occurred before the first Nonary game, or it stemmed from the event, it’s hard to say. However, he (technically) already saw one child die while in his care, and he never wants it to happen again. Although he certainly has no plans to take any child under his wing, he will do whatever it takes to keep them from harms way, and if any child is in danger, he will go out of his way to help them.

Though not a comedian, Seven isn’t above making jokes even in serious situations. He’s created an impromptu song about Junpei and light switches, and chanted about pipes. He also had a bantering relationship with Lotus, where he acted somewhat juvenilely around her to get a reaction. By doing so, he not only maintains his own sanity in an otherwise unbearably serious situation, but also enables him to lighten the spirits of those around him.

Powers/Abilities: Despite the fact the other characters joke that Seven has super strength, he does not. He is a normal human being, albeit a strong one since he keeps in shape.

Limitations: He has no superhuman abilities.

Writing Samples
Third Person Sample:
It felt like the five of them had been running forever, around and around the circular staircase up to freedom. Honestly, he should have known better at this point, as this wasn’t the first time he had done it. Nine years prior he had been running up an identical staircase, rescuing four children out of a sinking ship. Wait, that wasn’t right… There were three children, not four. No. All four children had made it out alive. He knew that for a fact—he had spent the night with three of them, and the fourth’s mother was right ahead of him. He knew Akane survived, so why couldn’t he shake the feeling that she didn’t?

His mind reeled as he tried to make sense of the paradox. If his companions said something, he certainly didn’t hear it over the dull throb in his temples as his head, not for the first time that night, began to ache. Feigning amnesia was one thing, but now he was beginning to wonder if he was actually experiencing some form of it now. Was this karma for lying to them? No one could convince him that he hadn’t done the right thing, even though the course of the night’s events led to the deaths of three men.

Normally something like this would have shaken him to the core, but the men were hardly innocent, and he would be lying to admit that he would mourn them. Seven barely gave the three dead men of Cradle Pharmaceuticals a moment more, because a new thought had popped into his mind. He couldn’t shake the feeling that a death had already occurred, and one that had shaken him to the core. The more he lingered on the subject, the more his head throbbed harder, and he could feel the blood pumping through his ears.

It took nearly toppling over Lotus to realize they had reached the top of the stairs. The sound of his panting managed to drown out the throb in his head. Junpei spoke, and just like that his headache was gone. In fact, he couldn’t remember what he was thinking about at all.

First Person Sample: [Call to Everyone]
Is this for real? Seriously, this shit isn’t funny. Ao--Santa? June? What the hells goin’ on here? This ain’t no desert! Where the hell’d you bring us? [Grumbles; more to himself at this point]Stupid rain gettin’ me all wet… Hey, why’s the bracelet still on?
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