25 December 2011 @ 03:25 pm


[Name:] Trucy Enigmar (soon to be Wright)

[Age:] 8

[Gender:] Female

[Marital Status:] Single

[Sexuality:] Straight (boys are kind of icky)

[Occupation:] Magician in training! Oh... and student.

[Ladder Preference:] Stepladders are the best things EVER!

[Family:] Zak Gramarye/Engimar Her father. Zak is a father in name only. Although he does genuinely love Trucy, he doesn’t know how to properly care for her, and frankly he sees her as occasionally getting in the way of furthering his career. Ostensibly he tries to be the caring, doting father, but Trucy sees through his act pretty easily. Because of this, Trucy does everything she can to get his real attention. For example, although genuinely a fan of magic, she practices extra hard in hopes of getting praised. Whenever her dad plays poker, she tries to help with her unusual ability, although usually he only winds up getting annoyed with her for “getting in the way.”

Thalassa Gramarye Her mother. Most of what she remembers about Thalassa is what she sees in tapes of Troupe Gramarye performances and what other people tell her about her, which is surprisingly little, as talking about Thalassa is to remember the terrible accident that took her from them. She does, however, vaguely remember the incident in which her mother disappeared; she was inconsolable for nearly a week. In fact, the only reason she stopped was because she wanted to make her dad and grandfather. Her picture is situated in the family room, and sometimes she’ll talk to the picture if her father’s away and pretend she’s still around. And sometimes, as she falls asleep at night, she can hear a soft, soothing voice talking to her and cradling her...a subconscious memory of her mother that still lingers.

Magnifi Gramarye Her grandfather. Ever since her mother’s disappearance/apparent death, he’s been distant with Trucy. When Thalassa was around, he was always the doting grandfather, but seeing Trucy after the accident only reminded Magnifi of what he lost, and tried to avoid her as much as possible. Currently, Trucy no longer remembers the doting grandfather, and really only knows Magnifi as her father’s mentor and teacher. She knows that they’re related, but to her it doesn’t feel that way. It doesn’t bother her, however, because this is what she’s grown up knowing, and to her this is normal.

Phoenix Wright Her soon-to-be father. Although she doesn’t know him yet, she’ll soon be relying on him for almost everything. She realizes that by saving her real father she’s hurt him, and secretly harbors a bit of guilt that “because of her” he got disbarred. However, she also sees in him the father she’s never had, everything that Zak wasn’t Phoenix tries to be. She’s not sure exactly why he’s so nice to her, considering everything she’s done to him, but because he knows how to make her happy she decides that she’s going to do everything she can to make him happy too.

Valant Gramarye Valant is Zak’s partner in Troupe Gramarye, and Trucy affectionately calls him “Uncle Valant.” Trucy genuinely likes Valant, especially because out of everyone in her life as of now, he’s the one who outwardly treats her the kindest. He’s often the one to convince Zak to take Trucy along with them to practices and performances, and occasionally gives up some of his time to teach her the basics and improve upon the skills she’s already learned. He’s even given her a fair share of books and magazines on magic to help her hone her skills. At the same time, she’s a little weary of him; because of her gift she’s aware that his kindness isn’t entirely genuine. But to Trucy, kindness is kindness, and she’ll take any sort of kindness she can get, fake or not.

Mr. Hat Her favorite magic trick. Although technically an inanimate object, Trucy has the same love for Mr. Hat like she does any other flesh-and-blood friend. To her, Mr. Hat is her one, true confidant and companion. She loves him because she can just be herself and he won’t judge her, or can rant about her day and know she’ll have someone who can listen. She also has an automatic audience whenever she wishes to practice any of her other tricks. Sometimes she affectionately yells at him for stealing her hat.

Max Gallactica After narrowly beating Troupe Gramarye in a magic competition a few days ago, Max Gallactica has become Trucy’s public enemy number one. Any time she sees him on TV or in one of the family’s magic magazines she gets angry, often yelling things like “he’s a cheater” and “no one can beat Troupe Gramarye!” She’s even sent him a few nasty fan letters, telling him that he’s a “meanie” for besting “only the best magic troupe ever” in a competition. Her “hatred” of him, however, will cool significantly as time passes and it will only be a matter of time before she completely and utterly forgets his existence.

Regina Berry Trucy met Regina during the magic competition between Troupe Gramarye and Max Gallactica. Although she never approached her, Trucy admired Regina from afar. She thought that the Regina, like everyone else in the competition, was a magician, and that she had one of the prettiest outfits she had ever seen. She was severely disappointed when Regina didn’t do any tricks like Max, her father, or Valant.

[General personality:]Trucy, above all else, wants to make the people important to her in her life happy. She thinks it’s her job to do or be whatever that person needs in order to lift their spirits, using her powers of perception to do so. Even at the expense of losing her sense of self she’ll do it, because the people she loves are that important to her that she can’t bear to see them sad.

Outwardly, Trucy gives off the appearance of a happy-go-lucky kid. And for the most part, that’s what she is. She tries to find happiness wherever she can take it, and is almost incapable of recognizing sadness or disappointment within her own life, although she can certainly recognize it. And for the most part she’s a typical kid, albeit a kid way more perceptive than the average adult.

Her biggest fault is that although she is mature for her age, she’s still a kid, and thus, a bit naïve. She’s even a little bit more naïve than the average kid due to her unusual upbringing. Once you win over Trucy’s confidence, it can be a simple task to trick her—so long as your body language doesn’t give it away.

She also wants nothing more than to become a famous magician like Troupe Gramarye. This is one of the few goals in life that she has that she has, although it’s in part to make her father (and mother) proud, that she does primarily for herself. She’s been fond of magic since she was a baby and will do whatever it takes to be the next Zak and Valant Gramarye. She’s often practicing magic in private, watching tapes of famous magicians performing (especially Troupe Gramarye), and reading magic books.

Her secret hobby, other than magic, is a love of stuffed animals and other plush-related items. However, she’s really mentioned it because she doesn’t want to be a burden on her father more than she already is.

[Appearance:] Trucy has her brand new magician’s outfit and is ready to show it off to the world! Of course, she wears the locket given to her by her father of her mother to remember her around her neck at all times. Ever since, that’s all she’s worn, even to school (much to the chagrin of her teachers).

[Background:] When Trucy was born, both Zak and Thalassa spoiled their little girl rotten. Thalassa noticed early on that, like her and her father before her, Trucy was developing the family talent of precisely reading someone’s body language. Both parents noticed that Trucy loved magic, and would often put on little shows for their little girl, as well as bring her along to their practices and performances.

Trucy was there the night that the Zak & Valant’s Quick-Draw Shoot’em went wrong. Although she doesn’t specifically remember the event, she remembers the chaos that ensues and that something terrible had happened to her mother. After the event she was inconsolable, only pretending to be okay to be strong for her father.

After her mother’s death, her father changed, losing some of the confidence he had in raising a child before he once had, and Trucy tried to be strong for the both of them. Although she was still allowed to learn about magic, it became harder and harder for her to tag along with him to performances, often having to get Valant to help her get her way.

In the present, Trucy sort of wishes for the happy life she sort-of remembers before her mom died. She’s too practical to rely on wishing—she knows it can’t, and so she’s trying to find happiness within what she has, and isn’t doing too bad of a job with it.