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Childhood Friends

Aiden Carpenter █ pb: Aaron Johnson
Chase's best friend, though that wasn't always the case. In Middle School, Aiden was one of the few people who remembered Chase existed long enough to bully him. At the time he was also known for his fiery temper. One day, in 7th grade, Aiden's temper got the better of him and he slammed Chase's face into a water fountain. Chase lost a tooth and Aiden was nearly expelled, but Chase protected him. Grateful, Aiden forced Chase into friendship, something Chase fought at first but eventually gave into. Slowly the two brought out the best in each other. Aiden mellowed spectacularly, and Chase was the only one who could nip any potential outburts in the bud. Aiden became Chase's voice of reason. The two became so close they were considered a package deal--where one was the other wasn't usually far behind. They parted ways to attend different colleges, but Chase made frequent visits to NYC to visit him, and Aiden tried to return the favor, but it was hard due to lack of free time ad funds. Chase has had a crush on Aiden since the 6th grade, but knows nothing will ever happen, and he's also all right with that.

"The Game"-related

Mike Davenport █ pb: Omari Hardwick
The leader of Chase's old team in the game. Born in Philly, Mike devoted his time to his studies, because he wanted to make a lot of money. This led him to attend Colombia University, where he graduated Magna Cum Laude. After graduating, Mike stayed in NYC and got a job at a top financial firm and was quickly rising in the ranks when he firsrt heard of the game. Mike entered on a dare, and after winning said dare chose to stay on after realizing it would be a good way to pay off his student loans. Not long after he met and fell head over heels for his now fiancee, , to whom he's very devoted. Chase met him after their former teammate took off, and Aali nominated him for the position. At first the two didn't get along, but after Chase accidentally kill someone, it was Mike who helped him get back on his feet. Chase's been grateful ever since and the two grew to be rather close. Chase views Mike as a mentor and older brother figure, and always turned to him for advice.

Aali Rayner █ pb: Shahid Kapoor
The 26-year-old Egyptian-American is the reason why Chase was involved in "the game" in the first place. Aali left his Chicago suburb home at the age of 17 after getting into a fight with his devout Muslim parents when he openly declared his atheism and disdain for all religions, and chose to move to a big city in an attempt to alleviate his boredom, settling in NYC. There, he stumbled onto "the game" and quickly fell in love with the adrenaline rush and lifestyle it provided. He'd been a participant for five years before that fateful night he met Chase. He had been enjoying a post-game cigarette when a disgruntled opponent who had just lost his match (and his partners) appeared and shot him. Though the bullet merely grazed his arm, he was still injured and stunned when Chase found him and patched him up. The event caused him to stop smoking, and an unlikely friendship was forged between the pair. Every time Chase was up in NYC, he spared a few hours to go out for drinks with Aali, and occasionally Aali would travel down to Philly to see Chase. Though it was strictly against the rules, Aali would tell Chase war stories about "the game" and got him intrigued. When one of his teammates broke his contract because he was unable to take the stress, Aali asked Chase to fill in. Now that the team is officially split up, Chase still remains on friendly terms with Aali.
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Name: Kaitie
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Character Name: Katherine "Kate" Bishop/Hawkeye
Series: Marvel Comics Young Avengers
Gender: Female
Age & Canon Point: 16; the gap between Siege: Young Avengers and Avengers: Children's Crusade.
Requested Sponsor:  Lapis Lazuli
Entry position: Cadet
History:  Wiki here
and here
Abilities & Physical Abnormalities: None, other than the skills she acquired through intense training. She’s proficient at archery, fencing, sword fighting, jujitsu, boxing, and other forms of combat.
Personality: Kate’s primary trait is her determination. Once she gets it into her mind to do something, she’s going to do it, obstacles be damned.  Rather than jump over hurdles, she has a tendency to instead smash right through them.  Nothing is too great to stop her from getting what she wants, not even the Avengers

At the same time, she isn’t a selfish person.  Things that she’s determined to accomplish are usually for others, either those less fortunate than herself or her friends.  Despite the fact her father is one of the richest people in New York, she isn’t spoiled.  That’s thanks to her mother, who taught her at an early age to give back to the unfortunate, whether donating money or volunteering at soup kitchens or mission trips.

That isn’t to say that her decisions aren’t brash, though. Kate thought it was a good idea to take on armed robbers at her sisters wedding, and attempt to strangle the thick-skinned Mr. Hyde with her bow.  Of course she’s still a kid and all kids make brash decisions, but Kate tends to think about her decisions before executing them. Don’t confuse making quick decisions with making uninformed decisions.

Along with her determination, she’s also headstrong. She knows what she wants and she won’t stop until she gets it, and she won’t let anyone get in her way.  This constantly causes her to butt heads with her teammate Eli, who is also headstrong.  It also lead to her ultimate confrontation with Captain America, where she unabashedly told him off for trying to disband their group rather than teach them like they all asked.  Kate takes no crap from anyone.

Though she may be 16, she doesn’t act it.  She’s quite mature for her age.  Between her upbringing, her mother’s death, and her assault, she done a lot of growing up in a short amount of time, and the more she talks around someone her own age, the more it shows, with her tending to act older than the rest of her peers.  That isn’t to say she acts like an adult, either, but she has an adult mindset on things that a lot of her contemporaries just don’t have.

Finally, don’t try to pull one over on Kate—she’s incredibly observant.  She was once able to free her teammates just by watching (from a distance) the security code Captain America punched in.  She doesn’t allow herself to be distracted by things that she deems unimportant, and as a result has a better memory than most, but it’s hardly a superpower.  Just her.

What are your plans for the character in-game? For starters, I'm looking forward to female archer night.  Also, I'd like to get out of my comfort zone to play someone I don't normally play, and to give Kate a unique opportunity to learn things she couldn't learn anywhere else.  I also plan for her to get to know and make friendships outside her canon.

Anything else? I hate enablers.


I. RP Sample

II. Questionnaire

What do you prefer to be known as? Kate, please.
How old are you? 16

Do you have any history in combat? I’ve dabbled here and there. Mainly self defense stuff—I mean it’s sort of a requirement if you want to live in New York City these days.
If so, have you ever killed? I’d never kill

i) How do you feel when you get involved in some project that calls for immediate and rapid activity? What do you mean, how do I feel? I feel like something needs to get done and I do it.
ii) Do you organize and initiate leisure activities? Sort of defeats the purpose of leisure, doesn’t it?
iii) What role do you take when working in a group? I tend to take lead, because someone has to do it.
iv) How talkative are you around other people? I’m not chatty, if that’s what you’re getting at. I’m also not shy.
v) What three things would you want to have with you on a desert island? State your reasoning. My bow, my arrows, and my cell phone. The first to to keep me safe and the third to call someone to get me off the island.
vi) Is it important to be liked by a wide range of people? I never saw the appeal of being popular, so no. That doesn’t mean you should be a jackass or anything, though…
vii) When the odds are against you, is it worth taking a chance? Always.
viii) Do you consider yourself to be an impulsive person? Maybe, but I have the skills to back up whatever brash decisions I might make.
ix) Would you agree that planning things ahead takes the fun out of life? Depends on what’s being planned. If you’re going to do something that takes cooperation, planning’s essential. If you’re about to get together to hang out with someone, not so much. x) Do you like surprises? Depends on the type of surprise. A surprise birthday party is fine, I guess, but a villain deciding to level midtown is definitely not a surprise I like.
xi) Do you sometimes wonder if there is something wrong with you? Excuse me?
xii) Do you consider yourself to be smarter than your superiors, and disagree with their decisions? Well that’s a loaded question. I’d never say that I consider myself smarter than my superiors, but I certainly disagree with my superior’s decisions. Just because someone’s in charge doesn’t mean they’re right. Sometimes someone has to step up and tell them that, and I’m not afraid to be that person.
xiii) Lastly, how do you feel about cabbages? What do cabbages have to do with anything?
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Name: Kaitie
Journal: [profile] red_confession
Contact: AIM – RedConfession, Plurk - RedConfession

Character Name: Gavril Ivanovich (Rocket Red)
Series: DC Comics, Justice League: Generation Lost
Gender: Male
Age & Canon Point: Unknown, assumed late 20s/early 30s; Post-Generation Lost
Requested Sponsor: was Lapis Lazuli
Entry position: Instructor - Engineering
History: So cool to be on Justice League!
Garden History: Though Gavril wasn’t too happy to have left his new-found friends in the Justice League at first, he quickly saw being in Balamb as an opportunity of a lifetime, and learned as much as he could as a student, majoring in Computer Science before passing his SeeD exams.  He also enjoyed meeting all the new and exciting people found within the Garden, attempting to befriend as many as possible.

After learning all he could at the garden, he left. He had this new world at his fingertips, and he wanted to see it all for himself.  He traveled around, having adventures before deciding that he wanted to return to something familiar, and came back to the Garden. Though not his real home, it’s come to be something akin to it, as people he knows and cares about were there. And not one to be idle, he decided to put his technologically-savvy brain to work by becoming the Garden’s new engineering instructor. God help his students.
Abilities & Physical Abnormalities: Gavril’s main source of power comes from his armored suit, which he created himself. Without it, he’s just a normal human being. While wearing the suit Gavril has:
Enhanced Strength
Flight - His boots contain rockets in the soles that enable him to fly. The boots aren't connected to the rest of the suit, so he can fly with just the boots on.
Limited Invulnerability - The suit is first and foremost a suit of armor, so while Gavril is wearing it he has a certain degree of invulnerability, though like any other suit of armor it’s not without its weak points and flaws.
Energy Blasts - Gavril is able to fire energy blasts from the palms of his gauntlets. Like his flight-enabling boots, the gauntlets don’t have to be connected to the rest of the suit to work.
Mecha Empathy - A byproduct of the suit is that it has the ability to seek out and sometimes control other electronic devices in the area. When he seeks out other electronic devices, it’s sort of like echolocation—the suit sends out a signal seeking out other devices, and once it locates another piece of electronics, his helmet informs him how far away it is. Gavril still hasn’t mastered controlling other devices yet, but the process is similar. The suit sends out a signal, reads a piece of electronics, and tries to match the device’s signal in order to get it to do what he wants.
Personality: At first glance, Gavril Ivanovich seems like an idiot. He’s a sworn communist who immediately signs up with the Justice League, the embodiment of America (and, through that capitalism) because “is cool to be on Justice League” and has a child-like curiosity about everything he does. He thinks everything that the rag-tag group of Justice League is awesome, despite the serious task in front of them. That can’t be farther from the truth. In actuality, he’s an incredibly smart and technologically savvy man, as evidenced in the fact that not only did he create his Rocket Red armor himself, he managed to repair Skeets, a 25th century robot with advanced tech, when he got injured.

Like most of the other members of the Justice League International of the past and present, he tends to view the brighter side of life, despite whatever heavy circumstances surround him. He likes to joke and make puns (although most of the ones he uses are incorrect), and is usually seen with a grin on his face. That isn’t to say he can’t be serious when he needs to, he just doesn’t see the need to be serious all the time.

In times of stress, Gavril keeps a level head. He’s the one who reminds the team of their objective whenever they begin to argue or get off track, and is always thinking of potential solutions whenever they get in a jam. He’s also good at thinking on his feet and adapting strategies when plan a goes wrong.

However, because English isn’t his first language, it gets him into a bit of trouble. He either mixes words up or uses the wrong phrases, making it hard to understand what he’s trying to say. When all hell is breaking loose, a language barrier is a very bad thing to have.

He has a strong sense of teamwork, most likely stemming from his days as captain of the Rocket Red Brigade. He’s protective of his new team, and even the members of his old team. When a former teammate dies at the hands of Max Lord, he tells the JLI what a good man he was, despite the fact that he, not only 10 minutes earlier, had been trying to hunt him down.

However, Gavril tends to see the good in all people, to a fault. He can be a little too trusting of anyone with seemingly good intentions, and that can get him into trouble. He was smitten by Max Lord, the man that he just agreed to hunt down, after the man said a few ostensibly nice words about him. He still sort of liked the guy until Max used his mind control to kill thousands. Who knows how far a master manipulator can get with him, so long as they don’t blatantly go against his moral compass?

Finally, Gavril is a self-proclaimed "true communist." He believes that all people are equal under the eyes of the government and prior to joining the JLI he destroyed buildings of western culture in an attempt to remove western influences from his country. He doesn't like capitalists or what they stand for, and so if you challenge his beliefs, he might monologue at you. He definitely won't hurt you, though--that's not who he is.
What are your plans for the character in-game? Well, other than to be the anti-Damian… To just be Gavril. He’s a fun-loving, smart guy who knows when to fool around and when to take things seriously. He’ll try to be a role model to his new students, and friends with the other faculty. If anyone ever wants him to teach them the ways of robot armor building, he’d be more than happy to teach them. I’m hoping someone thinks Gavril’s a giant pushover because he chooses to be nice, and I want to see their reaction when they learn that Gavril isn’t that type of person at all, when he stands up for himself and his beliefs (and maybe the person trying to take advantage of him as well). I’d like to see people get confused by Gavril’s butchery of the English language, or maybe find someone who can actually speak Russian. Anywhere the game really takes me, I’ll go.

Anything else? Gavril’s English is beyond atrocious. Prepare for butchered grammar, incorrect words, and improper idioms.

Also, the chances of Damian and Gavril interacting are almost nil, except if Damian ever takes Engineering so I can easily handwave all interactions.


What do you prefer to be known as? Call me Gavril, comrade!
How old are you? Is impolite to ask age, no?

Do you have any history in combat? Da, I have fought on Justice League! Was also captain of Rocket Red Brigade, but we have in falling.
If so, have you ever killed? Only buildings of western plague.

i) How do you feel when you get involved in some project that calls for immediate and rapid activity? I jump into the action. What do need done.

ii) Do you organize and initiate leisure activities? Am very sorry, do not understand question. My English not powerful.

iii) What role do you take when working in a group? Whatever role is need. Gavril is team player!

iv) How talkative are you around other people? Is very important to make friends. Hard to make friends without the talking.

v) What three things would you want to have with you on a desert island? State your reasoning. There is island of snacks? I bring spoon, drink, and friend to share!

vi) Is it important to be liked by a wide range of people? It is important to be nice to wide range of people. Not everyone will like and should never try to force.

vii) When the odds are against you, is it worth taking a chance? Is always worth taking chance. But important to value know of retreat.

viii) Do you consider yourself to be an impulsive person? Nyet. I like to think I see before I look.

ix) Would you agree that planning things ahead takes the fun out of life? Planning is accessory evil. But no need to plan too much, let live life.

x) Do you like surprises? Surprises bring fun to life!

xi) Do you sometimes wonder if there is something wrong with you? Comrade Booster, did write question?

xii) Do you consider yourself to be smarter than your superiors, and disagree with their decisions? I have had disagreement with superior in past. Is why leave Rocket Red Brigade. But never think better than Rocket Red Brigade or anyone else.

xiii) Lastly, how do you feel about cabbages? Taste good in soup.

RP Sample
This one is worth it for the Kanda keysmashing