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Childhood Friends

Aiden Carpenter █ pb: Aaron Johnson
Chase's best friend, though that wasn't always the case. In Middle School, Aiden was one of the few people who remembered Chase existed long enough to bully him. At the time he was also known for his fiery temper. One day, in 7th grade, Aiden's temper got the better of him and he slammed Chase's face into a water fountain. Chase lost a tooth and Aiden was nearly expelled, but Chase protected him. Grateful, Aiden forced Chase into friendship, something Chase fought at first but eventually gave into. Slowly the two brought out the best in each other. Aiden mellowed spectacularly, and Chase was the only one who could nip any potential outburts in the bud. Aiden became Chase's voice of reason. The two became so close they were considered a package deal--where one was the other wasn't usually far behind. They parted ways to attend different colleges, but Chase made frequent visits to NYC to visit him, and Aiden tried to return the favor, but it was hard due to lack of free time ad funds. Chase has had a crush on Aiden since the 6th grade, but knows nothing will ever happen, and he's also all right with that.

"The Game"-related

Mike Davenport █ pb: Omari Hardwick
The leader of Chase's old team in the game. Born in Philly, Mike devoted his time to his studies, because he wanted to make a lot of money. This led him to attend Colombia University, where he graduated Magna Cum Laude. After graduating, Mike stayed in NYC and got a job at a top financial firm and was quickly rising in the ranks when he firsrt heard of the game. Mike entered on a dare, and after winning said dare chose to stay on after realizing it would be a good way to pay off his student loans. Not long after he met and fell head over heels for his now fiancee, , to whom he's very devoted. Chase met him after their former teammate took off, and Aali nominated him for the position. At first the two didn't get along, but after Chase accidentally kill someone, it was Mike who helped him get back on his feet. Chase's been grateful ever since and the two grew to be rather close. Chase views Mike as a mentor and older brother figure, and always turned to him for advice.

Aali Rayner █ pb: Shahid Kapoor
The 26-year-old Egyptian-American is the reason why Chase was involved in "the game" in the first place. Aali left his Chicago suburb home at the age of 17 after getting into a fight with his devout Muslim parents when he openly declared his atheism and disdain for all religions, and chose to move to a big city in an attempt to alleviate his boredom, settling in NYC. There, he stumbled onto "the game" and quickly fell in love with the adrenaline rush and lifestyle it provided. He'd been a participant for five years before that fateful night he met Chase. He had been enjoying a post-game cigarette when a disgruntled opponent who had just lost his match (and his partners) appeared and shot him. Though the bullet merely grazed his arm, he was still injured and stunned when Chase found him and patched him up. The event caused him to stop smoking, and an unlikely friendship was forged between the pair. Every time Chase was up in NYC, he spared a few hours to go out for drinks with Aali, and occasionally Aali would travel down to Philly to see Chase. Though it was strictly against the rules, Aali would tell Chase war stories about "the game" and got him intrigued. When one of his teammates broke his contract because he was unable to take the stress, Aali asked Chase to fill in. Now that the team is officially split up, Chase still remains on friendly terms with Aali.
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