11 February 2012 @ 11:33 pm
Trucy Asgard App  
OOC Information;
Name; Kaitie
Personal Journal; [personal profile] redconfession
Contact; AIM - RedConfession, Plurk - [plurk.com profile] redconfession, E-Mail - Kaitiekudara@gmail.com
Other Characters; This is my first character!

IC Information;
Character Name; Trucy Wright
Canon; Ace Attorney
Canon Point; Post-Game
Age; 15

House; Loki
Power; Telekinesis (as it fits in with the magician motif and makes things like levitating people and objects so much easier)
Housing info is here!

Personality; Whenever you come across Trucy, 99% of the time she will be smiling. That’s because she tends to look on the bright side of everything, from abandonment to murder. Some might say that she looks on the bright side a little too much; that she’s ditzy or naïve. However, there’s more to her than meets the eye. She was born with the power of perception, and can easily tell when people are lying to her. She also comes from a family of performers, and as a result is very driven and focused when she needs to be. From years of living with Phoenix she’s developed this sort of con man personality, saying one thing but meaning another for effect. But there’s no deep reasoning for why she acts the way she does--she simply sees no point in being serious all the time and enjoys having fun in life.

The more you look at Trucy, the more you see how large her heart is. When her father abandoned her when she was 8, rather than allow herself to wallow in self-pity, she chose to instead help Phoenix come to terms with his disbarment and fall from grace. She kept him sane throughout the next 7 years, and looked after him in many aspects the way a parent would a child. Despite their partially reversed roles she never stopped being a child. She never lost her youthful outlook on life, despite how easy it could have been to do so. When Apollo entered her life, Trucy quickly latched onto him, providing him the support and guidance he needed. And just like Phoenix, she kept him sane whenever he felt like he was slipping or losing his confidence. She always knew what to say to keep him going and help him find the truth.

But deep beneath that happy exterior, there’s a damaged little girl. A lot of bad things have happened to her in her short life, things that carry heavy emotional baggage. Trucy essentially aided her father in abandoning her, and both her mother and grandfather, to her knowledge, were murdered. None of this is stuff one can just brush off, and she isn’t any different. However, she refuses to allow it to define who she is, and through the years has come to terms with a lot of it (or rather has tried to).

As a side effect of her unique upbringing, she has a somewhat skewed moral compass. She sees no problems in being friends with mobsters, aid her father in essentially cheating at poker, staging a self-kidnapping in a court of law to stall for time, or flat out stealing things from a crime scene. That isn't to say she’s a bad person—-she just generally wants to do the right thing, but for her, the way to go about doing the right thing never seems to be anyone else’s way of doing the right thing.

Network Sample; Hi! I was just wondering if anyone has seen my panties. They're my absolute favorite and I can't seem to find them anwyehere. I really don't know what I'm going to do without them. I mean, I left them out on the balcony to dry and--

[There's a small pause as Trucy takes in her surroundings.] Wait a minute... This isn't my house. Oh well! One place is as good as another, right?

Anyway! If anyone sees my panties can they give them back? They're really important to me. Thanks!

Log Sample; Attendance at her show had been steadily growing since her court debut, when her magic panties made headlines. At the rate they were going they would soon have to cap attendance at the door in a few more performances. Trucy should have been excited about that, after all, she was getting the recognition that she had studied so hard for. She was an heir of Troupe Gramarye, the greatest magician troupe of all time; she lived for the stage. So just why was her heart seemingly jumping out of her chest?

She ran her thumb ran across her diamond-shaped brooch as she tried to force herself to calm down. Why tonight, of all nights, did she decide to get nervous? She’d been performing there for 7 years now, first on a weekly basis when the owner humored her and her dream, moving it up to nightly as she got older and proved her talent. She knew her act inside and out; there was nothing different about tonight from any other night.

Perhaps it had something to do with Apollo. Since he’d entered the Wright Talent Agency, she’d moved farther away from her true calling of magic and moved into the realm of defending. The two should have been two completely different occupations, but the way Apollo worked was another form of magic.

She glanced at the clock. One minute until show time. No time to dwell on why she felt the way she did, but more than enough time to shake it. She was a performer, whether it was on stage or in the courtroom, and she couldn't let her audience down. All those people out there, the ones she suddenly seemed nervous over, were there to see her show, and she couldn't afford to let a little stage fright slow her down. She pushed the butterflies back down into her stomach and pushed aside the curtain.

“Good evening, Ladies and Gentlemen. My name is Trucy Wright, Magician extraordinaire, and welcome to the Wonder Bar! For my first trick this evening...”