20 March 2012 @ 01:50 am
Ace Attorney Headcanon for Asgard  
Trucy's Memory on Phoenix's Cases:
Between being Phoenix being disbarred and the start of Apollo Justice, Trucy didn't learn much about Phoenix's cases while he was still a lawyer. It was just too hard for Phoenix to think back on "the good old days," and Trucy was tactful enough not to ask. However, through his friends she did learn bits and pieces of old trials, but she doesn't have any sort of detailed knowledge on any particular case--the most she'll remember is "and that's the time Uncle Larry almost got convicted of murder" or "...and then Wright proceeded to cross-examine a parrot".

- Miles Edgeworth - To say Edgeworth wasn’t pleased to learn about his childhood friend’s disbarment was an understatement: Edgeworth stormed into the newly formed Wright Talent Agency a few weeks after the incident and argued with Phoenix (well it was a one-sided argument, anyway) over how stupid a mistake he made. He would have yelled some more if Trucy hadn’t come out and stunned him into silence (and a near heart attack) by showing him Mr. Hat. Over time the two reconciled (well Edgeworth accepted it, more or less). Edgeworth has since become Chief Prosecutor and spends most of his free time lecturing in law schools, though he stops by whenever he has free time (which lately has been rare), and aided Phoenix with his little project of creating the Jurist system. He’s personally groomed Kay Faraday as his successor. Wears glasses now and has slightly longer hair.
- Larry Butz – Phoenix couldn’t get rid of Larry if he tried, unfortunately. Upon Phoenix's disbarment, he frequently stopped by to try to make Phoenix feel better before getting distracted by yet another girlfriend. Larry continued to make occasional appearances at the Wright Talent Agency after whatever girlfriend of the week he was with dumped him. One time Larry managed to find himself in a spot of trouble yet again, and Phoenix had to refer him to Kristoph to get out of it. Trucy rather likes Larry and the amusing stories of woe he tells every time he shows him. Hasn’t seen him in about a year.

- Maya Fey - She used to come down often to hang out with Phoenix enough to frequent Eldoon’s Noodles when Guy’s father was still running the stand, so Trucy got to know her pretty well. However, within the last three years or so she hasn’t been able to come down from Kurain Village as she’s been busy with being Master of Kurain. (Miss Cleo of the Ace Attorney world)
- Peal Fey -

- Kay/Maya/Ema – Yatagarasu?