30 July 2012 @ 02:30 pm
Nolanverse Damian AU  
Damian Doe (goes by Damian Wayne)
Alias: Oracle
Age: 10

So doing it by the fireplace resulted in Miranda Tate (Talia Al Ghul) becoming pregnant with Bruce's child. She was unable to abort due to the martial law in Gotham City, so she made sure to hide he growing baby bump, eventually giving up the child to one of the city's many boys homes and she died without ever telling Bruce he was a father. When Bruce "died," the baby, named Damian by the staff, wound up living in Wayne manor, now the Thomas and Martha Wayne foundation for homeless boys (or something). Incredibly bright but lacking in social skills, Damian busies himself with creating a varied stock portfolio, familiarizing himself with computers and computer technology, and keeping tabs on the masked vigilante known as Batman. At the age of seven he figured out that the original Batman was, in fact, Bruce Wayne, and spent the next three years examining every nook and cranny of the manor. Eventually he discovers the piano code to the batcave, and as he was examining said batcave, John Blake, the current Batman, discovers him. Through much blackmail (and talking Blake out of a bad situation), Blake finally relented to allow the child to help him carry on Bruce Wayne's legacy, but in a strictly support capability. So Damian spends his nights under Wayne manor being the voice in Blake's ear, or updating the computer's now antiquated systems. Damian currently has a hunch that Bruce Wayne is still, in fact, alive, but doesn't want to tell Blake until he's certain.


Random Facts:
- Was put in the room that was formerly Bruce Wayne's bedroom by chance. When he realized what it once was he went about spooking off all of his roommates until no one would want to room with him. He currently has the room to himself.
- Found a dog wandering the grounds and decided to keep it. The man who runs the orphanage tried several times to make him part with the dog, but relented when Damian agreed to pay rent for him, as well as completely financially support the dog. Named it Titus Andronicus.
- Numbers come naturally to him, so when he was 7 he bothered the man who ran the orphanage to help him open a stock portfolio. He now has enough money saved away to rent a modest-sized apartment in the city, but as he knows no one will sell to a minor, he stays at the boys home.
- As he doesn't understand people, he's surrounded himself with technology and spends his days taking it apart to learn how it works.
- Goes by the surname "Wayne" much to everyone's chagrin. People have been telling him since the day he decided to use it that it's tacky and in bad taste and not to do it, but he doesn't listen. He's currently the only one who calls himself that.

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